Inclusive GVCs for Resilient Global Trade and Investment
Recent developments in the global arena have accentuated the vulnerabilities of supply chains and highlighted the imperative for a smooth and efficient flow of goods and services that is impervious to localized disruptions. Unexpected choke points in supply chains, volatile prices, and unavailability of goods impact the development trajectories of economies across the world. Keeping trade open across borders and establishing coordinated mechanisms for risk monitoring and crisis foresight will be crucial to preventing future roadblocks. The mission of development, particularly for least developed countries which are most at risk with limited access to critical assets, must aim at building the resilience to structural economic shocks arising from supply chain disruptions. Nations must focus on ensuring that trade and integration into global value chains acts as a potent instrument of growth for all countries.
Mallika Srinivasan
Chairman & MD, Tractors and
Farm Equipment (TAFE), India
Arif Rachmat
Executive Director
Triputra Group, Indonesia
Barbara Beltrame
Vice President
Confindustria, Italy
Fernando Landa
President, Argentina Chamber
of Exporters (CERA), Argentina
Francisco Gomes Neto
CEO, Embraer
S N Subrahmanyan
CEO, Larsen &
Toubro, India
Satish Reddy
Chairman, Dr Reddy’s
Laboratories, India
Vir S Advani
Vice Chairman & Managing
Director, Blue Star, India
Virat Bhatia
Managing Director
Apple India, India