Digital Transformation
Digital technologies are key enablers of sustainable economic growth. The pandemic has further pushed organizations around the globe to adopt new technological frontiers, transforming operations and ways of working that will be with us for the long haul. But in many cases, it has accentuated the digital divide, further amplifying the call for inclusion. Different levels of readiness hamper the ability of countries and businesses to utilize digitalization as a key driver of economic growth and development.
To realize the full potential of the digital economy, the challenges with respect to gaps in access to connectivity, digital marginalisation of economic groups, skewed infrastructure quality, and the gaps in the level of digital literacy must be addressed.
N Chandrasekaran
B20 India Chair & Chairman
Tata Sons, India
Rajesh Gopinathan
Former Chief Executive
Officer & Managing
Director ,Tata Consultancy
Roshni Nadar Malhotra
Chairperson, HCL
Borje Ekholm
President & CEO ,
Ericsson, Sweden
Dan Bryant
Senior Vice President
Global Public Policy &
Government Affairs
Walmart, USA
Fajrin Rasyid
Director – Digital Business
PT Telkom Indonesia
(Persero), Indonesia
Joakim Reiter
Chief External & Corporate
Affairs Officer ,Vodafone
Karan Bhatia
VP, Government Affairs &
Public Policy ,Google, USA
Luis Felipe Gatto Mosquera
Vice President & General
Counsel , Siemens, Brazil
Makoto Yokozawa
Co-Chair ,Committee for
Digital Economy Policy
Business at OECD
(BIAC), France
Pekka Lundmark
Global CEO ,Nokia