ESG in Business
In view of the growing significance of industry to adhere to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) standards, supporting the adoption of ESG in business operations must be promoted. Mandating due diligence and climate legislations may pose challenges, especially for the developing and least developing economies. Thus, it is necessary to assess the associated risks and devise mechanisms for ensuring proportionality in the formation of legislations.
Sanjiv Puri
Chairman & Managing
Director, ITC, India
Linda Kromjong
President, amfori
Anil Sardana
Managing Director & CEO
Adani Transmission, India
Haryanto Budiman
Budiman, Managing Director
PT Bank Central Asia
Marcelo Behar
Vice President - Sustainability &
Group Affairs, Natura &
Co, Brazil
Nitin Prasad
Chairman, Shell
Companies, India
Dr XU Niansha
Chairman, China Machinery
Industry Federation