Financial Inclusion for Economic Empowerment
The gaps in financial inclusion have widened post pandemic, especially for developing and least developing countries, as well as for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Developing a framework for financial inclusion to create the right environment for innovation in the financial sector while ensuring protection for both businesses and customers in light of the emerging regulatory challenges pertaining to digital finance is imperative. Accordingly, addressing digital financial inclusion and sharing best practices frameworks to encourage the adoption of best-in-class strategies and financial instruments, tailored to national needs, should be encouraged.
Dinesh Kumar Khara
State Bank of India
Sanjiv Bajaj
Chairman & Managing Director
Bajaj Finserv, India
Mark Tucker
Group Chairman
HSBC Holdings, UK
Michael Miebach
CEO, MasterCard
Sheng Hetai
Vice Chairman & President
China Export and Credit Insurance
Corporation (Sinosure),China